Head in the clouds

It has apparently been three weeks since I put this blog up - and a busy three weeks it has been. Aside from the day job and the usual activities involved in continued existence as a human, I've been working on a side project: cloudscontrol.us.

The idea is that it will be a community of musicians, artists, writers and all sorts of creative types. People will be able to log in, create profiles, share work in various formats, provide and receive feedback, etc., etc. The site is my first significant independent web project in many years. I'm working on it in collaboration with one of my oldest and closest friends, Josh Steinke.

The concept is the continuation of an idea which is now well over a decade old, which has had many names and many incarnations; the best-known of these was probably The Basement Productions, which manifested primarily as a record label for the music my friends and I created around that time. I'm looking forward to bringing the idea to a wider audience in the future.

Obviously, at this point, the site is still in very early stages, but the groundwork has been laid out for this to be a high-class piece of code. It already features such marvelous ultra-modern technological buzzwords as HTML 5 and Rails 3. Yeah, those.

Exciting times ahead!

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