Where am I?

We came from San Diego to Portland in February. This was supposed to be a temporary situation; the original plan was that we would house-sit for my mom while she was visiting Japan, then head off to Europe for a month or two and see all of those things we've always wanted to see. After that, we were to make our way back down to San Diego. Unfortunately, that's not quite what happened.

Everything went according to plan until tax day, when the government appropriated a large portion of our vacation money. Most people never have to actually pay a full year's taxes out of pocket - some money is taken out of each paycheck by the employer, in most situations. However, due to some shady bookkeeping by her previous employer, Sarena never paid any taxes last year, and owed a significant sum. Of course, neither of us realized this, until I asked whether she had done her taxes on the night before the due date. Surprise, surprise. It gets worse, but really that's her story, not mine.

Despite this setback, we still planned on hopping the pond as soon as possible. Make a little more money, then we'll go.

It sounded like a good plan, at the time.

Winter gave way to spring, then spring gradually gave way to summer, and we were still in Portland. The lush, verdant paradise that is my hometown had finally seduced Sarena, and we made the decision to stay here.

So, here I am. Life is good.

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