OSCON 2011

I've had a busy week, manning the Personal Telco Project booth at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention - better known as OSCON.

It was my first tech convention experience, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I met dozens of interesting people, had some great conversations, got some decent swag, and made a few potentially awesome connections for PTP. I haven't written about it here before, but I've been involved with Personal Telco for many years; check out my PTP wiki page for more about my work with that organization.

One project I worked on during the convention was particularly interesting: the OSCON wireless network wasn't working very well in the huge exhibit hall, so I flashed a Netgear WGT634U to run OpenWRT, then tethered it to my Android phone via USB and used my data connection to set up a temporary PTP node for our booth at the convention. I followed the recipe outlined in Luis Gallardo's article to get the tether working with OpenWRT.

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