New toys for Personal Telco

As I mentioned in November, the Personal Telco Project recently received a generous grant of two Dell PowerEdge servers from Free Geek. Thanks to the concerted efforts of Russell Senior, Tom Fitzgerald and myself, those servers are now operational!

The first machine to reach its new home was red, a Dell PowerEdge 2650 with 2x Intel Xeon 3.06GHz processors, 12GB of RAM and 5x73GB SCA disks. It's being hosted in rack space provided by the National Psoriasis Foundation; special thanks to Tom Fitzgerald for making this possible and helping out with the installation.

The other machine is called blue, and it's a Dell PowerEdge SC 1435 with 2x AMD Opteron 2212 processors, 8GB of RAM and 2x1TB SATA disks. It is being hosted at the same Integra Telecom Amber Glen facility where our faithful old server, donk, has resided for many years. Thanks are owed to Dat Nguyen, who provided the hard disks, and Russell Senior, who assisted with the installation.

Various services will be moved over to these new machines over the next few months. Access to blue will be available to Personal Telco members on request - let me know if you want an account!

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