Spreading the word: PDX

Two weeks have passed since the official release of the debut Hundred Round Drum album, entitled PDX. I am pretty satisfied with the quality of the finished product; it is the culmination of several years of composition and many months of serious audio engineering, and I think it has a more refined and coherent sound than any of the other music I've worked on over the course of the last 15 years.

Now that all the hard work inside the studio is done, I find that I am suddenly faced with another task of epic proportions outside the studio: actually getting people to listen to the music. Although I like our new name, and intend to stick with it for the foreseeable future, the change has done nothing to help our fan base. Any kind of "brand recognition" which may have been earned over the years, with the 5 oh Trees name, is now dust in the wind.

To complicate matters further, I don't really know anyone who listens to rap music, other than the small group of people who were already involved with the record. I'm starting from scratch, armed only with a few great tracks and a modest Internet presence. The only help I seem to be able to muster comes in the form of words of encouragement; wonderful as these are to hear, they do little to improve the pace of downloads.

With that said, not all of the news is bad news. I'm certainly not the only one trying to promote my music on the Internet - there are a multitude of popular (if shady) web sites which are intended to aid me in this quest, and I'm gradually expanding my group's presence on a few of the reasonable-looking ones. One such site even goes as far as reporting that HRD already places at #75 in the Portland rap charts, which is very encouraging. Discussions with a couple of my music-oriented friends have also landed me some great ideas. The future is bright, I just can't wait for it to get here!

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