Printer blues

Well, there are many more interesting things I've meant to write about, but this is annoying me just enough to want to write more than a tweet will hold, so here it is.

I bought a new printer just over a year ago - a Canon iP2702. Actually, I have the invoice: I paid $39.99 plus shipping for it on January 7th, 2011. It seemed like a great deal, at the time.

Since then, I have used it to print maybe 50 pages. Actually, I think that's a pretty generous estimate - it has hardly been used at all. I just printed a simple single-page PDF with it, and I was surprised to discover that the output quality has been diminished to the point where the ink is hardly readable.

Why has this barely-used device suddenly decided to obsolete itself in such a dramatic fashion? I find myself inclined to seek outside services for my printing needs, in the future. I've paid $0.79 per page for this device, over it's lifetime, assuming that I have actually printed 50 pages with it - and that isn't including the cost of the paper. In contrast, for example, one popular online printing company claims that they will print and deliver to me the same document for $0.75 per page.

I like doing things myself, but here I am with a worthless pile of plastic that now needs to be recycled. I think it might just be the last printer I will ever own.