So, what else is new?

2012 ticks relentlessly onward, in much the same manner as many years before. It has been a very good year, for me, so far.

In March, I left the United States for the first time, to attend my sister's wedding in Tokyo. I can hardly even begin to describe what a transcendental experience that trip was for me - Japan is amazing, my sister is amazing, and the new Japanese branch of my family is amazing. These things have now all become tangible parts of my life in a way I never imagined possible.

Back here, all of the projects I've been involved with are going well. I'm organized, motivated and efficient, and I have a lot to show for it. Professionally, I am expanding my consulting business at a comfortable pace and doing work I can take pride in. My technical abilities and problem-solving skills are stronger than ever. (I'm modest as hell, too.)

Although my musical endeavors have yet to top the charts and make me world famous, the new material I am working on is better than ever, and constantly improving. I'm also collaborating with many new artists, and getting noticed by some serious players. Simply put, my stuff is blowin' up. The label site has been quiet for a while, but my SoundCloud page can provide your ears with further insight on this matter.

Last but not least, after so many years of false starts and unfinished attempts, I'm finally having some success building a community network in my own neighborhood. I've been fortunate enough to make contact with some local business owners who understand what Personal Telco is all about, and some real progress is being made as a result.

Oh, yeah, I also turned 28 a couple of weeks ago - but that's just another number.

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