A record to call my own

So, here it is, at last. Today I am announcing the upcoming release of my new album, Forward. It will be the twelfth official release on my basslin.es imprint, available worldwide in a variety of digital formats on August 16th, 2014. You can even pre-order it right now.

Although it's technically my second album, this one really feels like the beginning to me. My first solo release in 2011 was more of a found art project than a proper record. It's interesting, and I'm glad it's out there, but it's only the beginning of the story.

Forward is an intentional composition, from start to finish, and unlike the other myriad records I've worked on over the years, this one is all me. It's far from perfect, but I think it actually sounds pretty good. It incorporates elements of many genres and styles without wholly giving in to any of them. It's completely instrumental; wordless, but the songs still tell stories, and although it's completely digital in origin, it's also full of analog warmth and acoustic character. It is enigmatic and contradictory, love and sadness, joy and pain.

At least, it is all of those things to me. While I very much hope it finds an audience, I made this record for myself. If some day you should happen to listen to it, I hope that you hear something you like, too.



I love science. I truly believe in it. In a very literal way, it is my religion, and I am passionate about it; I preach quite often, taking every opportunity I can to explain to people how devices work - from mechanical pencils to the Internet, the most advanced system ever conceived by humankind.

For me, it's all about understanding and appreciating the world around me: not only the big picture, but the minute details. I refuse to perceive the technology that surrounds us as some kind of modern magic.

It's now 2014; I wrote the above paragraphs about two years ago, but never published them. I'm sure I had some bigger idea for that post, but I can no longer recall what it may have been - but those words are still good words, so here they are.